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Portland, Maine
November 2001:

Scotty 2 Hotty & albert defeated Hugh Morrus & The Hurricane via Worm

The Scotty 2 Hotty match was by far best match of the night. It was hysterical some of the things. First off, Scotty was raised in Westbrook, Maine and lives in Portland, Maine. Scotty got on the house mic before the match and talked about how the wrestling coach at Westbrook High School (the school I go to and I know the coach) thought wrestling was fake and Scotty would be a no one. Scotty went "shoot" for about 5 more minutes on him and finally said "Kiss My Ass." The match got hysterical from here. All 4 guys were funny as hell. At the beginning, it looked like Scotty and albert were trying to find something under the ring, Scotty went inside the ring and motion that it was in his pants. He then gave the finger to Hugh. Hurricane started laughing and walked over to the corner of Scotty and albert, they gave him the finger as well. Some other funny parts including albert stopping in a criss cross w/ Hugh and just standing and watching Hugh go, Hurricane yelling in the crowd "What's up wit dat", Scott falling off the apron while bouncing on the ropes, and Hugh mimicking Hurricane. All 4 guys were legitally laughing throughout the match. After it was over, it got REALLY funny. Scotty was going to do the worm on the Hurricane and albert stopped him and albert did it. Then, the Dudleys ran down and attacked them. The APA came down and attacked them as well. Then Bradshaw placed the Dudleys in the 69 position and did a double worm with Scotty. Then Bradshaw tore his shirt off and MIMCKED Hulk Hogan!!! He was flexing and everything. Then Stastak ran down and got thrown over the top rope. APA, albert, Scotty, and some chick from the crowd all danced. Hurricane rolled back in the ring and started dancing, but got stomped on. He then did the worm out of the ring. Buh Buh came in and started dancing and got a clothesline from hell. Then all the guys went to the back celebrating. Funny as hell, probably went half an hour.